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Principal's Corner

Summer School…Accelerating to Excellence

Once again this summer, some students have the opportunity to attend “Summer School” at East Union.  While Summer School is not a new or particularly unique notion, I would like to invite you to consider Summer School in a perhaps unique way.

The purpose of Summer School must be clearly understood.  Students who are performing one or more grade levels below their chronological grade level in reading or mathematics are invited to attend.  Certified teachers who are current or retired employees of East Union provide individualized or very small-group intensive instruction for a few hours each day for four weeks:  three weeks in June, and a follow-up week in early August.  Parents  have the option of allowing their children to attend Summer School, and they receive detailed information about the Summer School program before they are asked to make this decision.

As a long time teacher, current administrator, and the parent of a child who was at one time invited to attend Summer School, I will not sugar coat its purpose.  We have some children whose reading, writing, and mathematic skills are below grade level.  We must find ways to accelerate these students’ learning.  All children forget some skills and concepts over the summer break, but for those who are already struggling to read, write, and perform mathematic operations at their grade level, the summer lull in daily instruction and practice puts them even further behind their peers.  We cannot, in good conscience, continue to leave these children behind.

I speculate that this is an invitation that few children want, and that it is tough for parents when a child must work twice as hard as his or her peers just to make it to grade level performance.  I have been that parent, and, speaking from experience, I can tell other parents that being “behind” does NOT have to be a life sentence.  Learning CAN be accelerated, and struggling learners CAN make remarkable gains with carefully tailored instruction that meets their specific needs. 

There are two other opportunities that are available for students who attend Summer School, along with all other East Union Elementary students.  Child care may be provided beginning at 6:30 a.m., and lasting until 6:00 p.m.  Children who attend Summer School can come and go directly from the child care classrooms.  There is a fee for students who attend child care, but Summer School is provided at no cost.  Also, breakfast and lunch are served at no charge to any student who would like to eat these meals at school.  We are to provide transportation to and from Summer School.

Even though the school year has come to its end, our commitment to serving our students has not.  Six East Union Elementary teachers have stepped forward to work with students this summer, and I am here, too.  We intend to ensure that all of our Little Eagles have the wings to fly high.